My debut Edinburgh Show

Am excited to announce that I am sharing an hour of stage time with the girl wonder Annie McGrath (who is also in a double act called Twins) at 2015’s Edinburgh Fringe. I will be doing my characters in my bit. Annie will be doing her characters in her bit. That’s how that will work.

The show is at:

8pm – 7th til 29th August (but NOT 18th or 24th)

Just The Tonic at The Caves, Cowgate, EH1 1LG

Here is our poster, which is sadly more penisy than I had hoped.


New Liam Gallagher Video

I made a silly sausage video saying that Liam Gallagher is secretly Kanye Wests life coach. Hope you likey.

My acting showreel.

I finally got round to doing an actors showreel. Here it is.

The Second Second Coming – Stone Roses

This was a mini-pilot that we hoped would become a one off comedy special. It stars Dan-Renton (Angelos)-Skinner, Adeel Akhtar, Peter Serafinowicz, Lucy Montgomery, Tony Way and myself as well as Will Andrews who would be in it more if I hadn’t ballsed up what we wrote for a Mani character. It didn’t get picked up by a channel in time and now I plan to pitch a music based series idea along these lines starring a cavalcade of artists. For the record I have an almost pathological love of the Stone Roses and the idea is to mock the legendary status and pop-cultural importance, not the band.

Home Made Shit with Nico Tatarowicz

A video I made to demonstrate how much it’s easy to know about making shit at the internet.

My ten minute character showcase

This is the Funny Cut I shot in 2008 for E4.

it’s about an Estate Agent having a bad day while loads of weird and wonderful characters come to view a dodgy flat.

It was made with Hat Trick productions, with Mark Talbot producing and Dan Smith directing. The big dude is Humphrey Ker, a very, very funny man who is part of a sketch group called ‘The Penny Dreadfuls’.

Making this was an absolute scream, and we were all chuffed with how it turned out. Have a gander.

Net Hate – Happy Finish

Probably the best week of my working life so far, was shooting the Comedy Lab sketch show ‘Happy Finish’. Here is possibly the strongest sketch from the show, which has got all of us in.
The show was mostly written by the Dawson Brothers, produced by Mark Talbot and was directed by Al Campbell. All of whom know their shit (rather than know they’re shit, they’re not shit, they’re great, which was the point, oh forget it).

Michael Jackson Tribute

Kicking a man when he’s down is cruel, kicking him when he’s just died is just weird. So instead of mocking Michael Jackson only days after his death from being weird, we invented Gavin Parkinson, a Michael Jackson tribute act. Here he is gearing up to cover MJ’s O2 Arena dates with lyrics changed for legal reasons.

Nico/MJ Fact Funk:

Before the Stone Roses changed my hair forever I was just another Michael Jackson loving kid spinning around his bedroom going ‘aaaoow’. I still touch my balls now from time to time.

I once went to watch Michael Jackson perform at Aintree Racecourse. He wasn’t on a horse you understand. On the advice of my step-dad I wore tights under my jeans for warmth.

We got right to the front but then a girl we were with fainted and we ended up behind the St John Ambulance tent. She was fine within minutes and we were now about a mile back. Balls.

I used to dream about going to Michael Jackson’s house, cos I read in his book ‘Moonwalk’ that he sometimes let kids in. I’ll be honest, I’m sort of glad that never came true. Though the out of court settlement would have come in handy.

Oasis 08 – A Parody

Oasis ’08 – watch more funny videos

Here is the Noel and Liam sketch I co-wrote with the Dawson Brothers to coincide with Oasis’s final album Dig Out Your Soul. The funny songs were written by Steve Dawson and I enjoyed pretending to be Noel and Liam a little more than is normal for a grown man with hairs.

The idea was to take the mickey out of Noel and Liam’s brilliant interview technique and to imagine them going super-experimental. For the record I am a bit of a mad Oasis fan. Yes, even after the first two albums. I for one miss their cocky banter and reliable over-layered guitars.

Microsoft Marketing Spoof

Here is a video I did for

It was a spoof of a really lame promo video that Microsoft did when they launched Windows 7. A quarter of a million geeks sent it to each other and laughed, whilst many more furrowed their brows and assumed it must have been funny if you knew about computers.