Michael Jackson Tribute

Kicking a man when he’s down is cruel, kicking him when he’s just died is just weird. So instead of mocking Michael Jackson only days after his death from being weird, we invented Gavin Parkinson, a Michael Jackson tribute act. Here he is gearing up to cover MJ’s O2 Arena dates with lyrics changed for legal reasons.

Nico/MJ Fact Funk:

Before the Stone Roses changed my hair forever I was just another Michael Jackson loving kid spinning around his bedroom going ‘aaaoow’. I still touch my balls now from time to time.

I once went to watch Michael Jackson perform at Aintree Racecourse. He wasn’t on a horse you understand. On the advice of my step-dad I wore tights under my jeans for warmth.

We got right to the front but then a girl we were with fainted and we ended up behind the St John Ambulance tent. She was fine within minutes and we were now about a mile back. Balls.

I used to dream about going to Michael Jackson’s house, cos I read in his book ‘Moonwalk’ that he sometimes let kids in. I’ll be honest, I’m sort of glad that never came true. Though the out of court settlement would have come in handy.

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