Since breaking into comedy writing with David Cadji-Newby in 2004, Nico Tatarowicz worked with many character comedians, such as Armstrong and Miller, The Kumars, Tom Davis and Morgana Robinson.

As well as developing various narrative projects for TV and radio along the way, he has also provided script work for high-profile comedy events such as The O2 Comedy Gala and the 2010 British Comedy Awards.

Having bloomed into a full-time comedy writer, Nico decided to turn his attention to writing material that he could perform himself. His self-penned multi-character, E4 Funny Cut ‘The Viewing’ was broadcast in August 08 to critical acclaim. (check it out on the videos tab)

Since then he has picked up many performing credits including Nigel Cole’s Brit-Flick Made in Dagenham, a sketch-show pilot shown during Channel 4’s Comedy Lab season, entitled Happy Finish and Tom Davis’s well received half hour comedy The Warm Up Guy (Channel 4) and the genre-busting hit Murder in Successville.

He fulfilled a lifelong dream portraying Liam Gallagher on Channel 4’s hit impressions show Very Important People. Soon after that he was writing and appearing in the pilot episode of DAVE’s Crackanory. So far Nico has had Harry Enfield, Jack Dee, Vic Reeves and Emilia Fox narrate his stories. In 2015 He wrote a episode 5 of BBC3 show Murder in Succesville in which he pops up a couple of times as ‘Lucky Sid’, also writing a few other scenes across the series.

In 2012 Nico wrote and starred in a spoof documentary film of his own creation, based around his favourite band The Stone Roses, entitled The Second Second Coming it went online in late June 2012 featuring amongst others Peter Serafinowicz, Dan-Renton-Skinner and Nico himself as Ian Brown, Bobby Gillespie and Noel Gallagher, and went viral immediately.

Nico is constantly working on commissioned narrative projects, and is doing a debut character based half hour show at Edinburghs Free Fringe in 2015,

Tragically despite all this, Nico still clings to the belief that he will one day be on Jools Holland late.

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